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LED Wrist Power Hand Ball


Color: Black

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Make Arm Great Again. Strengthen fingers, wrists, hands, forearms, shoulders and bicep etc., and also be beneficial in promoting co-ordination and blood circulation.
This certainly requires some fine motor skills in order to use. The dominant hand/arm was easily able to keep the gyro ball going, that it will help refine your fine motor skills in that non-dominant hand/arm.

Small, compact and transportable, you can take anywhere. Simple to start with a pull-string.And the ball with flashing LED ,all you need do is to increase the speed by making a rotational wrist movement and to keep in sync with the spinning of the ball.
The unit did not have any weird vibration to it. Also having the silicone grip section is very nice as it helps with the gyro ball not coming loose from your hand. You can attach it to wrist strap, if you are really concerned about the gyro ball flying away.

With your arm extended and the exposed part facing up, take the remaining string and quickly pull up. If done properly the ball will begin spinning. Using the hand that you prefer, take the Power Wrist Ball and begin to rotate your hand and wrist while trying to keep your arm steady to help accelerate the gyroscope until you have reached the desired speed. Continue to use until you are done.

Rotating to fast at first can often be counterproductive and cause the ball to slow down or stop. Try to synchronize the rotation of your wrist to the momentum and timing of the rotor’s gyration. The faster the rotor spins, the easier it is to operate.