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6-In-1 Multi Opener



    6 in 1 Multi Function Bottle Opener

    Every home needs one of these 6 in 1 Multi Function Bottle Openers! It can open 6 different types of lids/seals -  bottle caps, bottle tops, jar lids, safety seals, food bags and pull tabs all in one simple step. Useful for picnics or camping trips - no more struggling with stubborn seals, saving you time and strength. It simple design means it wont take up too much room, and also features an easy grip handle -perfect for children, the elderly or anyone with a hand injury.


    Product Features & Specifications

    • Easy Grip 
    • Open bottle caps, top, jar lids, seals, pull tabs and bags
    • Material: Stainless Steel + PP +(TPRhandle)
    • Size: 14.5*6*2.2cm / 5.7'' X 2.4'' X 1''
    • Weight: 115g/ 4 oz