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Massager Head Neck Scalp Equipment



    1. [Immediate release of happiness hormones]
      After all day thinking and working ,your head and body deserve a deep relaxing and pressure relief . with the 20 fingers head massager stimulates your scalp, stimulates the blood circulation and helps against migraines and headaches.

      This is a good treat not only for you ,but also for the ones you love . You can try this not only on your own head or body but also on your sweetheart , this happiness hormones will spread between both of you .
    2. [Fully Relaxing]-20 prongs scalp massager gives you more touches and relaxing. Great for people with anxiety and sleep problems.
    3. [Easy Function]-Just slowly move back and forward scalp massager on your scalp, neck, and shoulders, you will feel find new different experience.
    4. [Durable]-It's made of metal but also soft for the head, durable and easy to clean.